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If your missing device can't connect to the internet, the Find My app can still help you track it down using the Find My network — hundreds of millions of iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices around the world. Nearby devices securely send the location of your missing device to iCloud, then you can see where it is in the Find My app. It's all anonymous and encrypted to protect everyone's privacy Du kannst dein Gerät noch immer nicht finden? Erfahre, wie du dein Gerät möglicherweise leichter finden und deine Daten schützen kannst, wenn du vermutest, dass du dein Gerät (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch oder AirPods) verloren hast oder es gestohlen wurde Find devices. With Find My [device] and Location Services turned on, you can locate a lost or missing device. Locate your device Finde deine Apple Geräte. Du hast deine Geräte fast überall dabei. Das heißt, du kannst sie auch fast überall vergessen. Ob unter einem Sofakissen oder in einem Konferenz­raum - die Chancen stehen gut, dass du sie bald wieder­findest. Und du kannst dir bei der Suche nach deinem iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, AirTag, deiner Apple Watch oder deinen AirPods direkt in der Wo ist. Locate a device in Find My on iPad See the location of a device. Tap Devices, then tap the name of the device you want to locate. If the device can be... Play a sound on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or Apple Watch. Tap Devices, then tap the name of the device you... Play a sound on your.

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The Find My app on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac makes it easy to locate missing Apple devices, as well as keep up with friends and family, all while protecting user privacy. If a user ever loses their Apple device, the Find My app allows them to locate it on a map, play a sound to pinpoint its location, put it in Lost Mode to lock it immediately, and display a message with a contact number; it also lets them remotely erase the device in case it has fallen into the wrong hands The easiest way to identify the iPad is by it's A model number. You can find it by doing the following: Open the Settings app on your iPad; Go to General → About; Find the Model Number row, and click on it; You should now see a number beginning with A. Enter the number below The Find My iOS device service is free to all MobileMe subscribers, but if you're not signed up for Apple's $99 per year service, don't give up all hope: if you have an iPhone 4, fourth-generation.. Sign in to iCloud to access your photos, videos, documents, notes, contacts, and more. Use your Apple ID or create a new account to start using Apple services My kids have their own Apple ID's so when they log in to icloud.com and go to Find My Iphone, all our devices show up there so any person in our family can see them and also Erase data from a device. I really did not want my kids to have the ability to log in and Erase/Wipe my device since they can see it. Is there some option so that parents of the Family Share can either hide devices from.

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  1. How to find your lost Android or iOS device. Requirements: Internet connection; Computer/ another phone with internet capability; You ; Procedure. It narrows down to one search term; 'I lost My Phone'. Yes, you got it right. All you have to do is go to the google search engine using requirement number 2 above and type in the term I lost my phone
  2. Find My iPhone is a great way to recover, erase or locate a lost or stolen iOS device. Being able to conveniently track your device on a map, and subsequently erase it in time of need, Apple has.
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How to turn on Find My for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Open the Settings app. Tap your name, then tap Find My. If you want friends and family to know where you are, turn on Share My Location. Tap Find My [device], then turn on Find My [device]. To see your device even when it's offline, turn on. Ursprünglich konntet ihr mit Find my iPhone beziehungsweise Mein iPhone suchen nur iOS-Geräte finden. Erst später hat es der Hersteller dann auch ermöglicht, Freunde zu orten oder sich von.. Whether you forgot where you left it or it was stolen, a few steps may help secure your phone or table Google Mein Gerät finden (Find My Device) Version 1.2.39. Mit der Web-App Google Mein Gerät finden (auch unter dem Namen Android Geräte-Manager bzw. Find my Device bekannt), können Sie.

To get the location of a lost or stolen iOS/iPadOS device on a map, use the Locate device action. The device must be in supervised mode. Before you use this action, be sure the device is in lost mode Find My Device makes it easy to locate, ring, or wipe your device from the web Find My's new Items tab. Your Apple device will need to be running iOS 14.3, iPadOS 14.3 or MacOS Big Sur 11.1 or newer in order for you to see the Items tab and connect third-party products to. Download Find My Device. and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎This app will help you find your smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, headphones or any other Bluetooth 4.0 devices by measuring signal strength

The Find My app makes it easy to locate your Apple devices and keep up with friends and family. It works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac — even if your missing devices are offline. And your privacy is protected every step of the way. Locate your Apple devices on iCloud.co Following the release of iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.1, Apple now allows anyone with an Apple ID to use the Find My app on another person's iPhone or iPad to locate their own device if it's gone. Find My allows users to share their GPS locations to contacts with an iOS, iPadOS, or macOS device for an hour, until the end of the day, or indefinitely. Once shared, others are able to see the exact location of a person's device on a map and can receive directions to the person's location Device models supported to jailbreak on iOS 14.x :full support for Apple chip A10/A10X devices - iPhone 6s6s plus77plus, iPad (2018, 6th generation) iPad (2019, 7th generation), iPod touch (2019, 7th generation) limited support for A11 devices on iOS 14.x (Options > Skip A11 BPR check) - iPhone 88 plusX. After jailbreaking A11 devices, do not. If you misplace your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, Find my iDevices app on Android will let you find it without a PC or another Apple devices

AirTag is a supereasy way to keep track of your stuff. Attach one to your keys, slip another in your backpack. And just like that, they're on your radar in the Find My app, where you can also track down your Apple devices and keep up with friends and family. Order starting at 5:00 a.m. PDT on 4.23, available 4.30. View AirTag pricin Find My Compatible Devices. Almost all Apple products are ‌Find My‌ compatible, including ‌iPhone‌, ‌iPad‌, Macs, Apple Watch, and AirPods. Family Sharing. If you have Family Sharing. Apple plans to extend its Find My network for locating real-world devices to third-party companies, the iPhone maker announced this afternoon during its State of the Union address. Soon, Apple. You can even find devices that are offline. If your missing device can't connect to the internet, the Find My app can still help you track it down using the Find My network — hundreds of millions of iPhone, iPad and Mac devices around the world. Nearby devices securely send the location of your missing device to iCloud, then you can see where it is in the Find My app. It's all anonymous and encrypted to protect everyone's privacy

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  1. How to check Find My iPhone status on iPhone. Step 1: Switch on device and wait until it is ready for use. Step 2: Tap on Settings from the menu or Home screen. Step 3: Tap on iCloud. Step 4: Select Find My iPhone option from the list of options. Step 5: Check Find My iPhone status
  2. How to Locate a Device with Find My in iOS 13 and macOS Catalina. 9to5Mac used Find My to locate their MacBook Air. In their above screenshot, they show how to access all of your connected devices using FindMy. Next, they used their iPhone to locate their laptop while it was offline. Even though it was turned off, the Find My app was still able to locate it. Here's how to use your own devices.
  3. Find My Android Device & iPhone Suchen ist eine Ortungs-App für euer Android-Smartphone. Über die GPS-Daten kann die Anwendung den genauen Standort des Gerätes ermitteln. Es wird jedoch nicht nur..
  4. Apple is expanding its Find My network to include third-party devices. Some of the first products that will take advantage of the tool include Belkin's Soundform earbuds and the Chipolo One Spot.
  5. You need to either install a free UDID app or sync your device with iTunes. Option 1: UDID app There are a number of free apps that will tell you the UDID for your iOS device
  6. Find My iPhone is a very important built-in function of iOS devices that can help you locate your iPhone/iPad when it is missing or stolen. It can not only help you locate your device and your friends and family but also can find your devices when they are offline. But some Apple users may report tha

To check, sign in to Find My iPhone or iCloud.com with your other Apple ID accounts and look for your device. Check that your device has a cellular or Wi-Fi network connection. For example, to locate your Mac or Apple Watch, it must connect to Internet through a known Wi-Fi network (not Ethernet) I have several times had the need to find an apple device, but only had an android device available. But unfortunately, that is not supported. To me it seems that Apple deliberately have chosen that you cannot find an Iphone with a competitors product. Is that because Apple does not see their products as valuable, and not worth being found? Just a wondering customer. Kjeld Flarup. More Less.

In the older version of Find My iPhone, when you were looking at a particular device, the devices locations would refresh in one of two ways, first, if you click the refresh button at the top right of the screen, or second, if you moved away from that screen and came back more than a minute later it would automatically refresh the location. In the new iOS 13 version of the app, there seems to be no way to refresh the location unless you completely close and then reopen the app. I have got to. How to set up Find My on iPhone Go to Settings, then tap on your name Choose Find My from the list that appears Tap on Find My iPhone at the top of the screen Turn on Find My iPhone, Find My network, and Send Last Location Get back out to the main screen of Settings Now tap on Settings Choose. We haven't gotten our hands on a Find My device to test yet, but it appears to integrate as easily as an iPhone or pair of AirPods in the Find My app. Connect the device and you'll be able to.. 1. The first thing that you have to do is open the Find My app on your Apple device.. 2. Now, tap the Devices tab situated at the bottom.. iOS 14.5 Beta Enables Find My Support for Beats. The essence of Find My is to assist in locating iPhones, iPads, and watches that you lost, misplaced, or had stolen. The Find My function works with Location Services, so to get started, you'll..

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In order to locate your misplaced or lost iPhone or Apple Watch. Open up FindMy App on your MacBook. Go to Devices tab or use Command+2. Next, click on the lost device from the device list under 'My Devices'. Find the location of the device on the map. Locate your device on the map and click on 'info' The service works via an app or iCloud's Web site, and it can find iOS devices, Macs, Apple Watches, and AirPods. But not Apple TVs or HomePods, neither of which is easily misplaced or likely to be stolen. You can use the Find My iPhone iOS app or the iCloud Web app to pinpoint hardware and activate various features on lost devices. Depending on the kind of device, you can erase its contents, lock it, display a recovery message, play a loud sound, or track it Mit der Web-App Google Mein Gerät finden (auch unter dem Namen Android Geräte-Manager bzw. Find my Device bekannt), können Sie Ihr Android-Smartphone oder die Smartwatch über das.

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I know my AirPod is in my room somewhere because I barley leave my room with them in, so I set the one I had in a different room in hopes I could find the other. This app only works for things that are connected, and my AirPods only connect if they're in my ear, a pocket, or somewhere else warm. Another problem I found with the app was if I would have my phone scanning my tv, it would say I. If your iPhone/iPad is running on iOS 8/9, you can try DNS method to turn off Find My iPhone/iPad without password. Because all iOS devices connect to Apple's servers for different reasons, including updating Find My iPhone. By using DNS server, you can avoid authenticating the iCloud account and communicating Find My iPhone data for a while. Thus Find My iPhone will be disabled temporarily Find My feature uses crowd-sourced location data. This way you can locale an Apple device even if it's not connected to the Internet. This is mostly thanks to Bluetooth beacons. Especially, Apple is turning every Apple device into a unique Bluetooth beacon. All Apple devices in the vicinity can talk to each other. As communication happens.

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  1. Apple's Find My network is a crowdsourced system of hundreds of millions of Apple devices linked through the internet that helps people find AirTags as well as other lost or stolen Apple devices. It uses the combined power of every Apple device's Bluetooth sensors to detect nearby iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, AirTags, AirPods, Apple Watches, and Macs
  2. Locate all of your iOS and Android devices, using just this simple and elegant app. -To locate an iOS device, use iCloud credential that was used to activate the target device. -To locate an Android device, install this app, xfi Endpoint , on the target device
  3. Download Find My and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎View the current location of your Apple devices and share your location with friends and family in a single, easy-to-use app. Features • View the location of your missing iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, or AirPods on a map
  4. Use Find My. 1. From the home screen, navigate to and select the Find My app. 2. Select Continue. 3. Select the Devices tab, then select the desired iOS device. 4. The device's location will be displayed. Swipe up from the bottom menu to view expanded options then select the desired option: • PLAY SOUND: To remotely ring the device, select Play Sound..

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If you didn't turn on Find My before you discovered your device is missing, it can't be used to locate your device. Find My is the only way that you can track or locate a lost or missing device. If Find My isn't enabled on your device before it goes missing, Apple cannot find, track, or flag your device for you Apple on Tuesday released iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4 with better HomePod mini Handoff, third-party Find My device support, and various bug fixes Find My iPhone is a great tool for locating iOS devices. But if Find My iPhone isn't working, you need to know why and how to fix it The Apple Find My Device security feature can be used to find a lost or stolen device, initiate remote erasure, or mark the device as lost or stolen should it go online again. Apple requires the device to be removed from the Find My account before service work can proceed Block Find My iPhone: Yes prevents this feature in the Find My app. When set to Not configured (default), Intune doesn't change or update this setting. By default, the OS might allow using this Find My app feature to get the approximate location of the device. This feature applies to: iOS 13.0 and newer; iPadOS 13.0 and newe


  1. Apple's Find My network is a peer-to-peer network consisting of every Apple device that has the Find My feature turned on. In the spring of 2021, Apple claimed that this is close to a billion different devices. Read More: How to Find Your Lost or Stolen iPhone Using the Find My App. Each of these devices can connect to another Apple device, an AirTag, or another third-party Bluetooth tracker.
  2. Find My is also supposed to be secure: the app uses end-to-end encryption so that no one - not even Apple itself - should be able to read and track the location and identity of the participating devices. Concerning the security of this data, however, the research team of the Secure Mobile Networking Lab at TU Darmstadt consisting of Alexander Heinrich, Milan Stute, Tim Kornhuber and Matthias.
  3. With the new Find My app, you can search for family and friends, and share your own location with other people, as well as locate a missing Apple device
  4. Lost your phone? Don't panic. Find My Mobile will help you locate your phone or tablet and protect your data. You can even use it to unlock if you forget your pattern.

Apple is growing its Find My network to include devices made by third-party companies, including Belkin, Chipolo and VanMoof. Find My functionality launched in 2009 along with iPhone 3GS. Over the. Apple's Spring Loaded event served up its fair share of new products and announcements, and one of the biggest new products was AirTags.Apple has such confidence in the AirTags announcement that it was the first major product to get announced during its virtual event. Apple went in-depth to explain how AirTags can be tracked through the Find My app, marked as lost, pinged with a sound, and the. More devices with Find My-compatibility badging will be launched soon, Apple said. Military-grade features High-precision location is just one of UWB tech's capabilitie If you lose your device, you can use Find My on another one of your Apple devices to mark it as lost. This works on almost any device with a screen (so, not AirPods). Just tap the device in the.

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  1. Find My app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac lets you check your device's location, put it in lost mode, erase the contents, and more. It is an essential security feature that you should use. This tutorial explains how you can add an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac to Find My app
  2. After you turn off Find My iPhone feature from your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X in iOS 11, you can remove the device from Find My iPhone using iCloud on computer. Step 1: Open a browser on your computer and visit iCloud.com. Step 2: Enter your Apple ID and Password to log into iCloud. Step 3: Among the options, choose Find iPhone. Step.
  3. Find my computer in the Screen Mirroring menu on my iOS/iPadOS device If the AirPlay mirror icon isn't displaying, that means your iOS/iPadOS device isn't able to see the computer for one reason or another
  4. Find My iPhone (known as Find My Mac in macOS) was an app and service provided by Apple Inc. that allowed remote of iOS devices, Mac computers, Apple Watch, and AirPods.Both Find My iPhone and Find My Friends were combined together into the app Find My in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 in 2019.. The service itself was integrated into iOS and macOS, while enabled devices could be tracked using either an.
  5. One of the nifty (and somewhat sneaky) things you can do if you're using the Find My Friends app is to change which of your iOS devices is sharing its location—so if you want to appear to be at.
  6. Open Find My and tap Devices at the bottom. You'll see each of your devices in the list at the bottom along with their locations on the map. You can tap to choose a specific device and then Play Sound to help you find it or get Directions to it. You can also Mark As Lost and receive Notifications when the device is found

See Your Lost Device on the Map. Open the Find My app. Select the Devices tab or swipe up. Choose your missing device. Your device will be shown on the map. Play a Sound When You Find Your Device. Select Play Sound. Get Directions to Your Device. Select Get Directions. Directions will be given to the location Tracking an iOS device with Find My iPhone requires that you either have the Find My iPhone app installed on another device (it could be your iPad or someone else's iPhone) or that you use Find My iPhone directly from iCloud.com. Both methods work equally well, and the steps to track a device are pretty much identical regardless of what you use

Apple's decision to open up access to the U1 chip in the iPhones for ‌Find My‌ will put third-party accessories that integrate Ultra Wideband on par with the rumored AirTags. ‌AirTags‌ will feature.. Apple is combining two apps - Find My Friends and Find My iPhone into a new 'Find My' app. The combined app offers what we are used to from each one of these individual apps, but introduces new.. Find My iPhone enables you to find your phone if you lose it or you can lock it should it get stolen. To select settings for Find My iPhone, you need to activate your Apple ID on your phone. Apple iPhone 6. iOS 12.0 iOS 12.0 iOS 11.0 iOS 10.0 iOS 9.0 iOS 8. Home; Device help Apple iPhone 6 Basic use Select settings for Find My iPhone Parent page; Copied successfully. Select help topic. Getting.

Find My iPhone enables you to find your phone if you lose it or you can lock it should it get stolen. To select settings for Find My iPhone, you need to activate your Apple ID on your phone. 1 ***** Du kannst verloren gegangene Geräte auch mit der Funktion SmartThings Find innerhalb der SmartThings-App orten. Für die Nutzung von SmartThings Find muss Find My Mobile (Einstellungen > Biometrische Daten und Sicherheit > Find My Mobile) aktiviert sein Download current and previous versions of Apple's iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS and audioOS firmware and receive notifications when new firmwares are released. IPSW Downloads Identify my Device; iTunes; About; My Account Create an Account Login Forgotten Password. IPSW Downloads Download current and previous versions of Apple's iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS and audioOS firmware and receive. Mein Smartphone finden Haben Sie Ihr Telefon verloren? Nach der Auswahl des Geräts führen Sie ein paar einfache Schritte aus, die beim Sichern des Gerätes hilfreich sind With Mac's Find My app, you can track all your Apple devices even when they are offline or for MacBooks when they are closed. Apple's Find My is automatically installed with iOS 13, iPadOS, and macOS Catalina. These latest software releases from Apple have been littered with bugs. But the lack of a Find My Friends app isn't one of them

Apple has launched a new app, Find My Certification Asst., designed for use by MFi (Made for iPhone) Licensees, who need to test their accessories' interoperability with Apple's Find My network. The network helps users find lost Apple devices — like iPhones, AirPods and Mac computers, among other things — but is poised to add support for finding other compatible accessories manufactured by third parties Use multiple iOS devices with Find My Friends: If you've got an iPhone and an iPad, to use a common example, you can sign in to Find My Friends on both devices using the same Apple ID. However. Check your device's date and time settings For Find My to work correctly, it's best to set your device to Apple's Set Automatically feature. On iPhones, iPads, and iPods, go to Settings > General > Date & Time and choose Set Automatically. Turn on 'Set Automatically' and select your Time Zone Locating iOS Device using an iCloud account on the Web Just open your Favourite internet browser and search for iCloud.com. Enter Your Apple ID and Password to Sign in. Then navigate towards the Find iPhone icon and tap on it

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If you misplace your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, the Find My iPhone app will let you use any iOS device to find it and protect your data. Simply install this free app, open it, and sign in with the Apple ID you use for iCloud. Find My iPhone will help you locate your missing device on a map, remotely lock it, play a sound, display a message, or erase all the data on it How to set up Find My iPhone on iOS Launch the Settings app on your ‌iPhone‌ or iPad. Tap the banner with your name in it at the top of the screen. Tap Find My. Tap Find My iPhone. Tap the toggle switches to the ON position next to Find My iPhone, Enable Offline Finding, and Send Last Location If accessing Find My via the website or on someone else's device, it's important you sign in to the same iCloud account linked to the lost iPhone. After signing in, click the All Devices option at.. I upgraded my iPad device OS version recently to 5.1.1 (9B206). From that my Xcode is not detecting my device. Am just getting iOS Device and simulator options in my Xcode. But am getting my device in older version of Xcode and iTunes. For this i updated my MAC OS version to 10.7.4 and Xcode version to 4.3.3. But still am facing the same. How to turn on Find My iPhone for your iPad. 1. On the iPad, open the Settings app. 2. Tap your name at the top of the screen. 3. Tap iCloud, and then tap Find My iPad. 4

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UDID, the abbreviated form of Unique Device Identifier, is a 40-digit serial number for each iOS device to identify and track the device, and the iPhone or iPad UDID is mainly used to test the apps for developers. It is easy to find UDID with iTunes, but there are some other ways to find UDID without iTunes as well. This article will show you the ways to find out UDID for iOS device with or. In iOS 13, Apple decided to combine two of their most often-used location services apps, Find My iPhone and Find My Friends, into one app, called Find My. The Find My app allows you to locate your.

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As the Find My app features the Find My iPhone app as well as Find My Friends, you'll need to open the Find My app to track a lost Apple device, whether that's your AirPods or your Apple Watch Than click the large Find My iPhone icon, select All Devices at the top of the window, and select the lost or stolen device from the resulting list of activated devices Select your lost iPhone, AirPods, Mac or iPad Click on the All Devices drop-down menu on the top bar and select your missing device. The tracking of your device will now start. If successful, you should be able to see its location on the map. Even if your iPhone is turned off, you will see its....

Apple developers gives you a way do just that with iCloud and the free Find My iPhone feature. Every Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watches, etc.) has an active secured account, created when you initially set up your device. With the help of iCloud, you can block or track a smartphone in real-time. But this feature won't work in all situations. iCloud Access. Logging into your iCloud. Apple has enabled third-party companies to use Find My to locate lost items, and a handy URL scheme will make the hidden Find My Items menu show up within the app Find Devices, Even When They're Offline. Being able to locate a device that's on and active is one thing. But what about an offline device? Apple decided to take a crack at it, and seems to have figured it out. To make it a reality, Apple had to utilize crowd source information, basically building a system that allows the offline device to send an encrypted geolocation signal out into the. In iOS 13, Find My now uses Bluetooth to help locate devices that don't have an LTE or Wi-Fi connection. It does this by allowing the devices to ping other nearby Apple devices using iOS 13.

Part 3: Turn off Find My iPhone by removing account in iCloud.com ; Part 1: Turn off Find My iPhone from another device One of the ways to turn off Find My iPhone while not having your device in hand is to make use of another iOS device. If you are fortunate to have and use another Apple device, good news is that you can simply disable the feature If you don't have a computer, you can download Find My iPhone app on another iOS device and log in your iCloud account. You can then also remove the offline device and turn off Find My iPhone remotely. Part 2: How to turn off Find My iPhone from an iPhone/iPad. This method is comparatively simpler but you need to make sure you still have access to your iPhone or iPad, and this will prove to be.

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Apple has flipped the switch that allows iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to use the Find My app to track third-party devices, the company announced on Wednesday. The best iPad models Follow along as. Find My iPhone is a handy security and device tracking feature built-in to iOS. And with the latest software, iOS 12, you can even use Siri and HomePod to play a sound on your devices with Find My.. Originally named Find My iPhone but brought back to Find My when Apple started using it with more devices than just the iPhone, it's not the only technology out there. Tile offers a tracking system for devices with Bluetooth , with add-on Tiles found in stickers and key rings, while other devices such as Fitbit wearables , Skullcandy headphones , and Intel laptops supporting the.

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Find My iPhone is Apple's sophisticated system for tracking all your Apple devices. Even though the app is called Find my iPhone, you can use it to track your iPad, Mac, and even AirPods.If you've got Family Sharing turned on, you can track all the devices from all your family members from a single app Find My iPhone (known as Find My Mac in macOS) was an app and service provided by Apple Inc. that allowed remote of iOS devices, Mac computers, Apple Watch, and AirPods.Both Find My iPhone and Find My Friends were combined together into the app Find My in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 in 2019 For missing iOS devices, Find My iPhone also includes Lost Mode. Lost Mode locks your device with a passcode and can display a custom message and contact phone number right on the Lock Screen. While in Lost Mode, your device can keep track of where it has been and report back so you can view its recent location history, right from the Find My iPhone app. Please note that Find My iPhone must be. Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch includes a built-in security feature called Find My iPhone that is designed to prevent anyone else from using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch if it's ever lost or stolen. Activation Lock is enabled automatically when you turn on Find My iPhone on a device using iOS 7 or later Step 2 Click Find My iPhone. Step 3 Click All Devices option, and you are able to find all Apple devices that have enabled Find My iPhone. Step 4 Click on the iOS device that you want to remove from Find My iPhone. Step 5 Click the option of Remove from Account. Then the device will be removed out from the device list

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